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The worst and the best of humanity!

Recently in Plymouth we have seen such a tragic shooting and needless loss of life and suffering. Just a few minutes of madness can cause a lifetime of heartache and grief. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people of Keyham, in particular those who were closest to those who lost their lives.

We have seen the worst that mankind can do. Alongside we have seen the best that mankind can do, as the community has come together to support one another. People from all walks of life grieving together, helping one another, weeping together, sharing together.

We have seen people of faith standing up and reaching out to those who are struggling, fearful or in shock.

Jesus came to this earth to experience first-hand our pain, our shame, our madness. He faced it all head on when mankind crucified him, the best man who ever lived. Another moment of madness!

He understands our bewilderment; he comes alongside us to help us through the difficult periods of life.

My prayer is that evil will be overcome by love, hopelessness will be overcome by hope and fear will be destroyed by faith.

May the peace of God rest upon the people of Plymouth at this time.

May we all experience his loving hand upon our lives.

God bless,