Our Vision

..... on a journey with God


We exist, as a Christian community, to see:

• The love of God shared with the people of St. Cleer and the surrounding area.
• People moving towards wholeness and maturity.
• Resources released to share God’s love and truth – both locally and throughout the world.

Religious Objects


Our mission is:


  • To strengthen and encourage personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

  • To help people experience faith, forgiveness and freedom.

  • To find ways of serving within the five villages of the parish – St Cleer, Crows Nest, Commonmoor, Tremar and Darite.

  • To pray for God’s will and blessing upon our local community.



We especially value:

• Relationships – building through friendship with God and each other – encouraging a deeper quality of community life.
• Partnership – we want to work with other like minded community groups and congregations wherever possible.
• Growth – we don’t want to settle or become stereotyped but to keep moving on. Changing our method  but not our message.
• Mission – we want to make a difference in the world – in the home and workplace.
• Creativity – co-operating with the Holy Spirit, encouraging diversity and giving the freedom to explore, experiment and take risks.
• Being inclusive and accepting – celebrating all that is good, providing a place to belong and accepting each other for who we are – giving space to grow and change.



CleerWay Community Church performs Baptisms with grace. Any and all who have come to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ are invited to be baptised. We often, though not always, conduct baptisms at the beach at Seaton in Cornwall.