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R.I.P. Emiliano Sala

Sala was going to be the saviour of Cardiff City F.C. He was due to arrive on a small plane from France, but sadly, instead the twenty-eight-year-old footballer lost his life when the plane he was travelling in went down in the sea near the Channel Islands. Such a handsome young man with a bright future and suddenly it is all taken away. The footballing world has had its fair share of aircraft tragedies, from the loss of the Busby’s babes in the Munich air disaster of 1958, to the more recent loss of the Leicester City F.C. owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha who died in a helicopter accident while taking off from the football stadium after a match. It is a tremendous shock when these things ha

Marriage - a noose or a blessing?

Forty years ago, I first went out with my wife Sharon. We married after a courtship of three years and four months at the ages of 21 and 19. At the time we felt so grown up! Now, looking back and having grown up children, I think how very young we were. As I write this, I am aware that many relationships don’t seem to last very long. Even our own marriage went through some extremely rocky patches; but somehow, we have come through those times and our relationship is stronger than it has ever been. I have been trying to think what we have learnt over the years that is worth passing on. Perseverance There were many times when things were tough, when it would have been easier to give up t

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