God's Unconditional Love

My daughter and her husband have recently bought a puppy called Luna. Luna is a Jack Russell and is full of love and mischievousness. She was from a litter of four. She brings a lot of joy to our family and certainly is the centre of attention. Life has definitely changed for my daughter Helen, as now every time they want to go out, they have to consider Luna. It has also a big change for our dog Millie. Millie is ten years old and wasn’t too happy the first time that Luna visited our home, but gradually she has got used to her, has been playing with Luna and we have seen them cuddled up together.

Dogs are wonderfully good at giving love, even when they know they have been naughty and are told off. They can’t stop giving love and wanting to be loved. They are so unconditional with their love. Our dog hates it when we get the suitcases down from the loft, as she knows it means we will be going on holiday; but the moment we get back all is forgotten. She is wagging her tail and so glad to see us.

People aren’t always as understanding or forgiving as our pets. Many times in life we are hurt and it is hard to move on. One of the things that Jesus said is, “I have come to heal the broken-hearted”. That is something our world needs more and more. Jesus is very forgiving and has a love for mankind that is unconditional. Whatever hurt you have been through, why not ask Him to comfort and heal you. My experience is that He can help you deal with the disappointment of life; release you from the anger that can arise when you are let down by others; give you hope for the future and help you to love again.