As I write, we have had the second fall of snow in two weeks. Unusual in March but what intrigued me was how accurate the weather forecasters have been. Still, many people did not heed the warnings and have got stuck in the snow! There have been some wonderful scenes, particularly where the snow has drifted.

Under the old railway bridge at Tremar there have been icicles at least 300mm long. But for all its beauty, it causes a lot of disruption. Hopefully by the time you are reading this, the snow will be gone and spring will be well and truly here.

The Easter season is all about change. On Palm Sunday it seemed that everyone loved Jesus. I am sure his disciples must have thought He was about to become King.

By Thursday night everything had changed. Judas had realised that Jesus would never be an earthly King. It was time for him to cut his losses and run. “How much will you give me,” he asked the Jewish leaders, “if I help you arrest Him?”

By Friday Jesus was dying on a cruel wooden cross and the disciples had run away.

By Sunday the disciples had given up, but the women were still wanting to be near him, so they went to the tomb to anoint his body. When they arrived, they were amazed to find that he was not there! He was alive. It is hard to believe that anyone could come back from the dead, but if He really is the Son of God, nothing is too difficult for Him.

Jesus has given us many promises and he asks us to listen and follow. Are we willing to take notice of Him? The rewards will be great!

May you and your family have a Happy Easter.