Why I believe - Part 1

I have always believed in God. I was brought up to go to church at Callington and Frogwell Sunday school. As I grew up I continued to go to church but there were more important things in life like farming and the local Young Farmers club. There we enjoyed farm walks; I learned many livestock tasks like trimming cows’ hoofs, and dehorning calves. I took part in several stock judging events and there was the more fun side discos and various cabaret competitions.

One evening soon after passing my driving test, I couldn’t start my car. I borrowed my Dad’s new Vauxhall Cavalier. While following other young farmers I attempted to overtake, travelling very fast near a bend. There was a car coming in the other direction. I swerved to miss it and lost control of the car. It hit a bank and rolled unto its side; it seemed to roll for ever, coming to rest in a ditch well out of sight from the road. There were five of us in the car. We all got out without a scratch on us. A well-designed car from a safety point of view! Or did God look after us? If so, why us, when so many are killed or injured in much less dramatic accidents?

As there were no mobile phones in those days, no one came to our aid except people who had witnessed the accident, some of whom gave us a lift back to Callington Police Station, which was closed, so we made our way home. I felt like the worst person in the world. I realised that, through my own stupidity, I could have killed my four friends. How could I get over that?

The next morning our local cattle feed salesman called. He said to me that God was looking after me and I needed to be thankful. From that point on I started to follow Jesus much more seriously. I came to know His forgiveness and found He was helping me to follow Him. I can never doubt that Jesus, for some reason, had his had upon my life.

Pastor Martin Bunkum

- to be continued ….