Why I Believe - Part 2 - a miracle?

One of the five people in the car accident was a young sixteen year old called Sharon. From that point on she became my girl friend. I soon learned that she wasn’t well. Since she was twelve she had suffered from a rare liver disease. She had spent several weeks in hospital and was eventually taken to the Royal Free Hospital in London where she was under the top liver specialist in the world. The Doctors were able to stop the disease from getting worse but were not able to make her well. This meant she would suffer regular pain, be on a fat free diet, not be able to do any sporting activities and very often her skin would look yellow (jaundice).

I remember thinking, ‘is she wearing yellow makeup’? No, it was the effects of the liver disease. Sharon had some bad experiences of Christianity and wasn’t interested in church or God. I was getting more interested in Christianity and wanted to find out more. One night we both went to a service at Golberdon Methodist Church. During his talk the speaker said, “I thank God for the amazing work that doctors do but sometimes the doctors say, “I can’t do any more for you. Jesus can help you when no one else can”.

Sharon thought, well, let’s give Jesus a try. The speaker prayed for her but nothing seemed to happen, but over the next eighteen months the pain got less and less and she started to look better - no jaundice. It was at that point she was asked to go back to London for more tests. I went with her. When we were in the waiting room everyone else looked really ill but Sharon looked so well. When the test results came back to her G.P. he said he could not explain it, but the test showed that she no longer had the disease and that he did not need to see her any more.

That was over thirty years ago. Sharon has never had any problems with her liver since. We thank God often for this amazing blessing.