Poldark Series 4

One of the most prominent characters of this series is Ossie Whitworth, the evil Reverend! He uses a death bed confession to bring down Pascoe’s bank. This is part of a plan with George Warleggan to destroy Ross Poldark. He is a sexual predator and almost completely destroys his wife Morwenna by raping her. He has an affair with her sister Rowella, which is discovered by Rowella’s husband Arthur. He confronts Ossie in the woods, they fight, and Ossie gets caught in the stirrup of his saddle and is dragged to his death by his horse. A fitting end to a hideous character!

Down through the ages many terrible things have been done in the name of God and Christianity. It is surprising that the church has survived and indeed is flourishing worldwide. I am thankful that Jesus Christ is able to transform people and give them a new life and new hope.

Ross becomes an M.P. to make a difference to the ordinary working folk. Most of the time he does a good job, although he is frustrated by the amount of time it takes for change to happen, greed being the major obstacle to a fairer society. Monk Adderley M.P. is a great distraction to Ross. Monk is attracted to Demelza, Ross’s wife, who has no idea how to handle his advances. In the end Ross and Monk challenge each other to a duel at dawn. Ross is injured and Monk is killed. Having broken the law there is a real danger our hero will be stripped of his role and thrown into prison, but somehow once again he gets away with it.

What distracts you and me from our main purpose in life?

Poor old Elizabeth! George, who really loves her, has always been jealous of Ross’s affection for her. The fact that they had a brief affair and Valentine’s paternity has always been in question pushes her to get pregnant again. She thinks that if she has a similar eight-month pregnancy it will put George’s suspicions to rest once and for all! The potion that she takes hastens the birth but has dire consequences and she dies as a result of the poison.

Oh. If only she had done things differently. Now everyone is upset at her death.

In life we all have “if only” thoughts. Thank God that Jesus died to forgive us and free us from all of our regrets and mistakes.