Football, football, football and Faith

As I write this, the premier league has been won by Manchester City. What a thrilling end to the season with Liverpool pushing them all the way. Also, the Champions league finalist have just been decided.

The question I want to ask is - Do you believe in miracles? Liverpool and Tottenham supporters certainly do. Liverpool looked out when they went 3-0 down to Barcelona. Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool manager) said, “We will have to try and believe and do our best.” The impossible happened without two of their first-choice strikers. They won the home leg 4-0. Tottenham’s job looked easier just 1-0 down after the first leg, but they had to play an inform Ajax side away from home. Their job looked decidedly harder when at half time they went 2-0 down. Again, without Harry Kane, they managed an amazing comeback, winning the match and the tie in the 6th minute of added on time. To cap an amazing week for English football, Arsenal and Chelsea won through to the Europa cup final.

Jurgen Klopp is an interesting guy with a genuine Faith. He says, “Jesus Christ is the most important person in history.” When he arrived at Liverpool as Manager, he introduced himself as the “ordinary one” in direct response to Jose Mourinho, who described himself as “the special one”. His attitude is refreshing and reflects what the Christian faith is all about.

Football is a game of many highs and lows, promotion and relegation. Personally, my emotions have been pulled all over the place, watching various games. A team can win everything one season and then the next, really struggle. Jesus came to win a trophy that would last forever. His life’s purpose was to overcome the consequences of mankind’s rebellion and give us the opportunity of eternal life. We experience many highs and lows during our lives. It is my experience that believing that Jesus Christ is a real person who is alive today and forevermore can give me the strength to keep going. He wants to be closer to us than anyone else and is able to guide us through the maze of life.