Winning the World Cup

England won the Cricket world cup. It was an amazing match, so good that I have watched the last hour for a second time, even though I knew England had won. It was so tense when, with four balls to go, England needed fifteen runs. I don’t know how they got the fourteen runs they needed to draw the match. A match I will never forget with so many ups and downs.

Now a super over which was equally tense; I was happy with fifteen runs that England scored. Now it was New Zealand’s turn. When Jofra Archer bowled a wide I thought it was all going to go wrong. New Zealand followed that with a two, a six and two. Three bowls to go and only five needed, I had given up! Thankfully the whole England team hadn’t. With the next ball they scored two, and then a single from the next ball. Two runs needed from the last ball. Martin Guptill hits the ball they run for one run and then try for the second. Jason Roy (who had mis-fielded two balls before) throws the ball to Jos Butler, the wicket keeper, who proceeds to run Guptill out. England wins by the narrowest margin.

I still find it hard to believe; I don’t know how they did it. It is rare for England to win a world cup in any sport. The way they won this one I will never forget! It was almost like they had divine help!

Life is full of ups and downs. God came to this earth in the form of a man to experience first-hand our ups and downs. He went through so much in his short life on earth. He experienced disappointment, heartache and heartbreak, weariness and loss. He also experienced good things when he fed the five thousand or brought a dead person back to life. Imagine the euphoria when these miracles happened. There is divine help for each of us. Whatever life throws at us, Jesus is there as the Christ – the chosen one, the hope of the world, the Saviour, the Messiah.

I hope you are enjoying a good summer.