Poldark - the final series

This hugely enjoyable series which showcases Cornwall has finally come to an end. As I write the series is part way through. Already several major issues are being aired.

Ross champions the plight of the slaves in Honduras.

Dwight helps George who is suffering from a mental illness as a result of Elizabeth’s (the love of his life) untimely death. Morwenna is still suffering from the after effects of her late husband’s horrendous sexual abuse. People are struggling with lack of money and food.

Demelza has to deal with the introduction of the first paper money and an unruly servant girl. Ross is never willing to give up on a good cause, no matter the cost to himself. The business community was making money out of the slaves and so does not want anything to change. It will do all it can to stop him.

Dwight’s treatment of George is very admirable and brings about a miraculous change in his mental state. Unfortunately, with his recovery, he also regains his mean streak!

Morwenna eventually starts to find peace with her past and is able to find some freedom with husband Drake.

In our lives today we experience many difficulties. God is able to help us through the dark valleys of life, whether that is bereavement, damage from past relationships, financial pressures or something else. Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weighed down with the pressures of life and I will give you rest”. He understands our frustrations – he has been here, he has suffered, he has endured hardship. It is my personal experience that nothing is too hard for God to do. He is willing to help anyone who will ask. It will need patience, healing takes time, but the rewards of trusting in God are very great.