The Value of Just One Life

We live in an amazing country, where human life is valued immensely. As many of you are aware my daughter was involved in a head on car crash in October. As a family we have been so thankful for the wonderful care she and her husband have received, and after three months their recovery is progressing so well, that they are starting to resume normal lives.

So what are we thankful for?

People at the crash site who just stopped and did whatever they could.

The mobile phone network, enabling the emergency services to be alerted quickly.

The police for their care and helping to keep everyone safe.

The first responders and ambulance crews, who help the casualties at such a crucial time.

The fire and rescue service, who skilfully and safely enable people to be released from unbelievable carnage.

The Emergency Department, which swiftly diagnose and put in place the intervention needed to save lives and limit the long-term effects of the trauma.

The surgeons and their team for their ability to repair fragile human bodies.

For the ongoing care of the nursing staff who are there 24/7.

For those who take time out of busy lives to visit, or message, or pick up the phone.

For physiotherapists and all who help with rehabilitation.

For the support of family and close friends, without whom we could not carry on.

And so the list goes on and on.

We value human life, and I am so thankful of that, which is why we all want the NHS and the emergency services to be even better and to be funded well.

We are also thankful for so many people across the world who pray and lift up to God those who are in great need. Personally, I am thankful to the Plymouth Street Pastor who on the night of the accident prayed all night long (and has faithfully prayed since).

Lastly and most importantly to The Lord God of heaven and earth who in his mercy helps us in our time of need. He is never far away, and we have been aware of his presence and intervention at crucial times.

I am determined to start a new decade with a more thankful spirit. Looking for the good in one another. Thanking God for the value of even one life.

May we all be more thankful for the many blessings of living in our nation.

All the best for 2020 and beyond.