The 23rd Psalm - revised!

At least our pets are happy!

We are all home much more and our pets are loving it! Our dog Millie is especially pleased to have someone home all the time.

One of the most loved portions of the Bible is the 23rd Psalm – The Lord is my Shepherd. Full of meaning, and when it was written people growing up in a life surrounded by agriculture could relate to its richness. I wonder whether today many of us miss its meaning; therefore, I have written a version for today, imagining God as a dog owner! I realise that means we would be likened to being a dog rather than a sheep, but I could think of worse animals.

The Lord is my Master, I am well looked after.

He lets me lie down on my comfy dog bed.

He takes me for walks beside streams of water.

He gives me a bowl of clean water to drink.

He feeds me high quality food.

He picks up my poo and puts it in a bin for incineration.

Even though we walk past the big mean dog’s place, I will fear no evil for he is with me, his lead and his voice they comfort me.

He gives me special treats and spoils me while other dogs can only watch.

He takes me to the vets when I am sick and pays the bill!

I will love him and will follow him all the days of my life.

I will live on in his memory forever.

I realise this is “tongue and cheek”; I have written it as a bit of light humour at a difficult time for us all; however there is a serious note to it.

God is there for us always, watching over us and even providing for all our needs. Jesus gave his life to deal with our mess.

Perfect love gets rid of paralysing fear.

As we walk through the perils of life, his hand is there to guide and protect us.

Reach out to him this week, knowing he is stronger than the trials that we face.

Jesus is for us and not against us.

May God richly bless you.

Keep safe,

Martin x