'... And they all lived happily ever after'

We were all brought up with fairy tales which started with, “Once upon a time” and ended with, “and they all lived happily ever after”. ‘Feel good’ stories normally start well and introduce us to the various characters. There would normally be an evil baddy who does his worst and a hero (very often an unlikely hero) who saves the day. Personally, I don’t mind how bad things get in a story as long as they have a happy ending. It doesn’t sit well with me if a story ends badly or in an uncertain way. Maybe it’s just me, but if I am to be entertained then the story needs to make me feel good.

We are living in days where we don’t know the end of the story! We are in a crisis and the outcome is uncertain. Many people (mostly very learned people) are speculating how the present crisis will pan out. Some give us hope of a way forward, others paint a picture of doom! Where does this leave us? I don’t want to just give a fairy tale ending, just to make us feel better, but we need some hope! Don’t we?

On the 10th February this year I was speaking at a school assembly. The subject was Love – we were thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day. Towards the end of the talk I said, “Some of us maybe worried about the virus” (which at that time wasn’t in Europe). I said, “Whatever happens, the love that mankind has for one another will help us to win through”. I never expected at that time for the terrible events of the last few months to unfold, but I still believe what I said back then – “Whatever happens, love will win through”.

Our love for one another will help us through. Love will enable us to find medicine that will help. Love will push us toward finding a vaccine. Love will help us to care for the vulnerable.

Sometimes I find it hard to continue to love. Sometimes the love reservoir gets low. This is when I need a God who is known as love. That love shown to us through the life of Jesus Christ. My prayer this month is that all of us may be topped up with God’s love.

May our love be shown when we are at the supermarket; when we are driving our cars, when we are walking down the street. May it be shown to our families and friends. May it be shown to delivery drivers and all who work in the service sector.

We will come through this stronger if we have real love for one another.

Love to you all,